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Herbs & Spices (English to Turkish) List

All Spice Yenibahar
Anise Anason
Basil Fesleğen
Bay leaf Defne
Black pepper Karabiber
Cardamom Kakule
Cinnamon Tarçin
Cloves Karanfil
Cress Tere
Cumin Kimyon
Coriander / Cilantro Kişniş
Curly Parsley Frenk maydonoz
Curry powder Köri
Dill Dereotu
Fennel Rezene
Fenugreek Çemenotu
Ginger Zencilfil
Juniper Ardıç
Marjoram Mercanköşk
Mint Nane
Nutmeg Hint cevizi
Paprika Tatlı kırmızı biber
Parsley Maydonoz
Poppy seeds Haşhaş tohumu
Red flake pepper Pul biber
Rocket Roka
Rosemary biberiye
Sage Adaçayı
Saffron Safran
Sesame Susam
Sumac Sumak
Tarragon Tarhun
Thyme Kekik
Turmeric Zerdeçal
White pepper

Five Spice

Beyaz toz biber

Beş karışımlı Çin baharatı


This list is correct as far as I know.  If there are any mistakes or you feel something needs adding please let me know.


6 thoughts on “Herbs & Spices (English to Turkish) List

  1. Hi Tina I did a google search and found this page !!
    What about Garam Masala – can you add this please ?
    And is Cinnamon STICKS different to Tarçin ?
    Can I ask for “mixed herbs” in Turkish or will they ask which herbs ??

    1. Hi Leeann, sorry, just seen this as have been offline a bit. The sticks are still tarçin but not sure what the sticks are called. I would ask for tarçin ama toz değil… most spice shops and the markets do the sticks. Migros now does the garam masala, it is easier to buy than make from scratch, but if you want to give it a go all herbs available here. I usually bring mine from UK. Also metro does some extra things such as taco seasoning and cajun. They would have no idea what mixed herbs were, but if I were you I would just mix my own… i.e. mixed herbs by scwartz includes Marjoram, Basil, Oregano, Thyme. Oregano is almost impossible to find here in Turkey but try looking for the thyme pods (rough and light green in colour, will send you a pic if you want) or dağ kekik (mountain thyme) in the markets…

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