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Carrot Cake (with Cream Cheese Frosting)

Carrot Cake 2             

Ingredients – For the cake

350ml Vegetable oil
6 Eggs (lightly beaten)
350g Brown sugar
280g Grated carrot
Finely grated zest (2 oranges)
A small handful of chopped dried apricots
A small handful of raisins
350g Flour
1 Pkt baking powder
Pinch of salt
Half tbsp of bicarbonate soda
One & Half tbsp mixed spice (or cinnamon)
1 Pkt vanilla essence (powdered)

Method – for the cake

Pre-heat oven to 180c. Oil and line 2 x 9 inch cake tins with parchment paper.
Put oil, eggs, sugar, carrots , dried fruits and zest in a large bowl and mix.
In a separate bowl mix flour, salt, bicarbonate soda, baking powder, mixed spice and vanilla then sift into the cake mixture and lightly mix.
Split mixture between the 2 tins and bake for approx 40-45 mins. (Keep checking after 30 mins depending on your oven).
When you can put a sharp knife into the cake and it comes out clean it is ready.
Leave to cool on a wire rack.

Ingredients – For the frosting

200g Icing sugar
40g butter (softened)
Finely grated zest (1 lemon)
1 Pkt vanilla essence (powdered)
115g Cream Cheese
A handful of nuts (I used almonds and hazelnuts)

Method – for the frosting

Mix icing sugar, butter, zest and vanilla in a bowl. Add cream cheese and whisk until smooth (if a bit runny put in fridge for up to 10 mins to harden a little).

Using a knife, level off one of the cakes (this will be at the bottom).
Spread about half of the cream cheese frosting over the bottom tier (not too close to the edges).
Place the other cake on top of the bottom one.
Use the remainder of the cream cheese frosting and spread it over the top-tier evenly.
As a finishing touch I crushed some nuts (in a blender) and sprinkled them over the top.

These ingredients make a double layer cake… for a single layer half the ingredients.


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